Prologis   |   Beddington Park

Stay classy, Prologis

We’re firm believers in thinking outside the box. Even if that means trying something completely different, like using humour and early-2000s film references to get people talking about our clients.

In the fast-paced world of industrial and logistics property, new units are in higher demand than ever – boosted by the COVID-19 e-commerce revolution. Competition is fierce. So when long-standing client, Prologis, asked us to develop a creative way to launch its newest park in Beddington, London – we had just the solution. We threw ourselves back to the ‘70s, creating an Anchorman-inspired news bulletin, complete with an eccentric cast of ‘anchors’ (played by the agents themselves), outlining the park’s key features.

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It’s kind of a big deal

Prologis trusted us to push boundaries, even at the height of the pandemic when resources were limited. And the result was something totally unique, engaging, and memorable. The video received more engagement on social media than anything Prologis had ever posted before. Better still, feedback was overwhelmingly positive – proving that there’s always room for something different.